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Save The World, Or Save The Girl? Your Blade Chooses.

Nights of Azure is an action-RPG by Gust, makers of several anime-esque games with dating options. Nights of Azure has you take the role of a young woman fighting against the lord of evil with her lover, exploring quasi-gothic environments full of deep purples and vivid reds.

A Story About Destiny, An Ill-Fated Combat System

Your character, Arnice, manipulates blood to make 'Servans' as well as to fight herself. As Lilysse does not fight against the lord of evil directly, Arnice's Servans provide most of your firepower from battle to battle. This is true to a fault: the combat is not especially difficult, and often a well-made group of Servans can simply win battles for you. Despite that, the game offers a solid musical score. Its highest point may be its story: Nights of Azure tells a story about love, sacrifice, fate and choice, all very high-minded concepts presented through its two main characters.

The Taste Of Blood

Ultimately, Nights of Azure is not for everyone. Liking anime is no guarantee: whether you like this game will depend entirely on what anime it is that you like. If you are looking for difficult, riveting combat, Dark Souls might be a better pick. If you find yourself enjoying offbeat romance stories, this could be the game for you. And if you like cute and elegant characters and good music, it almost certainly is.


  • Interesting story
  • Good music


  • Somewhat weak combat
  • Little customization

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